Betting on Sports with Bet365: A Comprehensive Guide on Betting Types, Odds and More

Bet365 offers a wide variety of betting options. For sports, customers can choose from pre-match or in-play betting, as well as a variety of futures, props and special bets. Football fans can even access enhanced odds betting markets. For more traditional punters, Bet365 offer horse racing, greyhounds and virtual racing. There are also options for basketball, cricket, ice hockey, American football, tennis, golf and many other sports. Casino games, poker rooms and bingo are also available, as well as a full range of financial tidings. Customers can even bet on other areas such as politics, entertainment, or the weather. Across all of these areas, Bet365 also offer different stake sizes, multiple payouts and cashout options, live streaming, live score updates and many other features. Overall, Bet365 offer customers a well-rounded and comprehensive betting experience.

Popular sports for sports betting at Bet365

Bet365 offers some of the most popular sports for betting on the market. The most popular sports for betting at Bet365 include football, tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket, horse racing, rugby, boxing, cycling, greyhound racing, golf, volleyball, handball, esports, motorsports, basketball, soccer and more.

Football betting is one of the most popular sports for bets placed at Bet365, as football is incredibly popular worldwide.

Tennis betting is another popular sport for betting at a sportsbook, due to the player vs player competition, as well as the different betting markets available in tennis.

Basketball, baseball and cricket are other popular sports for betting, due to the excitement of live-betting, as well as the numerous games and leagues available worldwide.

Horse racing is a classic betting market at Bet365, with fans able to bet on horse races from almost any part of the world.

Rugby, cycling, greyhound racing, golf and volleyball are some of the other sports adapted for betting at Bet365, with markets such as bets on total points, winner of event, first goalscorer, and other special bets available for all sports.

eSports, motorsports and soccer are newer, but still extremely popular sports for wagering on, as bettors.

Sports betting markets at Bet365

Bet365’s vast selection of markets allows bettors to find the bet they are looking for, no matter what sport they are interested in.

At Bet365, you can bet on a wide variety of sports and events. Some of the most popular include football (soccer), tennis, basketball, golf, cricket, rugby, American football, ice hockey, baseball, cycling, motorsports and more. You can also bet on popular entertainment events, like the Eurovision Song Contest and the X-Factor. Specialty and novelty bets can be found in the Politics, TV and Specials, and Virtual Sports markets. With Bet365 you can create a customised multi-sport accumulator by combining selections from different competitions and sports.

In the football market specifically, you can bet on a variety of different outcomes such as first half scores, outright match results and any number of different handicap and half-time/full-time markets. You can also access a host of in-play betting options. You can also find a number of long-term markets, like outright league winners and relegations, in the football section.

In other sports markets, you can see similar options. In tennis, you can bet on match winners and handicaps; in basketball, you can pick between point spread, point total, moneylines, and prop bets. With golf, cricket, rugby and other large sports, you can bet on outright results, spread betting, and handicaps. For more niche sports, like motorsports, cycling, esports and more, you can find enhanced odds and custom bets tailored specifically to the event.

Types of Sports Betting at Bet365

Bet365 is an online sportsbook that accepts a variety of bet types including single bets, multiple bets, accumulator bets, exchange bets, and system bets.

Single Bet: A single bet is the most simple form of betting in which one stake is placed on a single outcome. If your bet wins, you receive the winnings.

Multiple Bet: A multiple bet is a single bet placed on multiple outcomes. You must choose the outcomes that you think will win and your winnings will depend on the number of correct picks.

Accumulator Bet: An accumulator bet is when you place multiple bets on multiple events but only one wager. In other words, all of the selected outcomes must be correct in order to win the bet. If one prediction is incorrect, the bet is lost.

Exchange Bet: An exchange bet is a bet placed on two outcomes with different probabilities. You are required to pick the outcome that you think is more likely to win and your winnings will depend on the outcome you choose.

System Bet: A system bet is when you place bets on multiple events but with multiple outcomes. You can choose from a variety of predetermined systems that will allow you to win even if not all selected outcomes are correct. Your winnings depend on the system you choose and the number of correct selections.

Sports betting odds in Bet365

Bet365 is known for having some of the best sports betting odds available. Their odds are competitive and highly competitive with other sportsbooks, making them a great choice for those wishing to maximize their winnings. With a wide variety of markets, sports, events and competitive lines the Bet365 sportsbook provides plenty of opportunities for punters. They have competitive over-rounds which give the edge to the punter, and a wide range of betting options, so you can always find the best bet for your situation. What’s more, they offer a fantastic range of promotions and offers, as well as an impressive loyalty scheme. Their live streaming services ensure that punters can be sure of up-to-date odds throughout the event. With secure banking transactions and a reputation for delivering rapid pay-outs, Bet365 is a great place for sports bettors.

How to bet on sports at Sportsbook Bet365

  1. Go to the official Bet365 website.
  2. Create an account, if you don’t have one.
  3. Log in with your account credentials.
  4. Select the sport you wish to bet on.
  5. Choose the specific game/match/event you would like to bet on.
  6. Click on the betting markets of the event you wish to bet on.
  7. Decide which markets you are interested in betting on.
  8. Enter your stake amount on the selected market you wish to bet on.
  9. Confirm the bet by clicking on the ‘Place Bet’ button.
  10. If you are successful, your potential returns will be shown on the ‘My Bets’ tab in the top menu bar.

How to bet on sports on the Bet365 mobile app

  1. Download the mobile app of the sportsbook, Bet365, from an app store or the sportsbook’s website.
  2. Create an account with Bet365. You’ll need to provide personal information, including your name, address, and phone number.
  3. Fund your account. You can do this through a range of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and eWallet depositors.
  4. Once the funds have been credited to your account, start searching for the sport you want to place bets on.
  5. Choose the specific event or match and check the available betting markets.
  6. Pick the bet you want to place and enter the amount.
  7. Check the details of the bet and make sure they are correct before confirming it.
  8. Once your bet has been placed and confirmed, you’ll be able to see it listed in your pending bets section.
  9. Check if your bet is successful or not after the event has been finished.